Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause.


Santa is my favorite thing about Christmas. Even though some would consider me WAY too old to believe in him, I just can’t stop loving him! When you’re the embodiment of joy and selfless giving, you deserve a LOT of respect! This is why I always get excited about looking over and seeing Santa at the mall. Even though I just wave at him now, I still see him every time. I guess it’s my belief and love in Santa that I’ve always considered myself to be one of Santa’s elves. I became a full on elf since the time that I made my mom buy me a Hannah Montana guitar so that I could be a secret Santa to a little girl that I didn’t even know. One of my favorite times of the year is the week of school before Christmas break. People bring in presents for their friends or the teachers. I usually bring my friends some little things that they can play with (like slinkies last year and lanyards this year) and bring the teachers a box full of homemade stuff (oatmeal cookies and pumpkin raisin bread this year). I just love the look of surprise on someone’s face when you tell them, “Yes! That’s for you!”

As a junior, the freshmen here at school would probably laugh if they heard that I still believe in Santa. I can’t help it, though! I’ve always been a fan of mysterious characters, but Santa is mysterious only in his appearance. We don’t really know if he wears a red suit. But at the same time, we DO know that he wears a red suit. If we know Santa as the red clad giver of joy, then let him wear red! If we know Santa as wearing sweat pants and a T-shirt, then let him wear that! It doesn’t matter if they have a big, white beard or not. If someone gives a gift out of the goodness of their heart, then, by default, they are Santa.

Merry Christmas!