The panicky and intrepid one

Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?

I am not very well known for being the bravest in most situations. However, when I know that I am the only one who can either do something, or motivate someone else to do something, I’m one of the bravest people that I know. Linking back to the prompt, I have actually saved someone’s life. More specifically, my former best friend’s bunny, Easter.

Easter was a really grumpy bunny before the incident. She would bite anyone who tried to pick her up, and hid any time anyone thought to come near. I don’t think she liked anyone who lived at my friend’s house, and probably with good reason. The house was full of 7ish-year-olds. They were mean little buggers. The house was also full of dogs. There was one dog that lived inside, and 3 that stayed outside. The three outside dogs had a habit of getting loose, running around, and getting into trouble. One day, Easter had escaped and my friend and I were tracking her down (not to brag, but I am an expert bunny catcher :o) ). Easter was hiding under a broken down car in the neighbor’s back yard when I heard my friend’s grandpa yell for the dogs to come back. The dogs came right for us, probably looking to play, and turned instantly toward where the bunny was hiding. Jake, the leader of the dogs, got under the car, and the bunny bolted off. My friend was freaking out, and I was the only one fast enough to reach where the dogs had cornered the bunny against a fence. I couldn’t leave it there even if it was mean. I shoved the dogs away, and grabbed the bunny. I held onto Easter as the dogs were taken and put back in the pen. They jumped at me a few times to get the bunny back down, but I didn’t let them take her.
From the moment I saved her life, Easter became a changed bunny. She became the sweetest thing, and would always let me pet her. That was the most fulfilling moment of my life. I can’t even express how proud I was after I saved a life.