Just remember that Jackson Pollock was an artist.

ImageI really don’t understand why people feel the need to say that they “suck at drawing.”

I understand that some people weren’t born with the creative part of the brain. I also understand that some people just give up too easily. But this phrase has confused me for a very long time… Were they expecting to be instantly better at drawing than someone who’s been practicing for years? I started out drawing things that hardly even looked like shapes, for Pete’s sake!

I have a proposition for you, whoever is reading. Instead of instantly giving up at the sight of someone else’s success… Give it a shot yourself. You’ll never know if you can draw unless you try to draw! If you need to, start from the bottom! In fact, I helped myself learn how to draw by tracing things over and over again until I decided to take my guide out from underneath my paper.


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This is a First…

Hello! I made this as a part of my Graphic Design class. A few things you should know about me before we continue…

  1. basic info – I’m a girl. I’m in High School. My favorite colors are yellow and purple.
  2. I love anime and games of all kinds. I’ll make references to them a lot!
  3. I love to draw, so you might see a few pieces of mine…
  4. I love to write, so I will either ramble, or tell a story.
  5. I appreciate feedback! Even though I’m just starting, it already feels lonely.