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usually I don’t write such depressing things… especially when depression is literally what this is about. I was inspired by Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness.

The stage stretched on forever in all directions and all was consumed by absolute darkness except for a small haven of moonlight. Moonlight streamed through an open window and fell over the figure like a wedding veil. All was still and not even the crickets chirped to ruin the quiet of the moment. Quicker than the makeshift spotlight could follow its target, the figure put her hands up and stepped back quickly. She spun in and out of the moonlight, setting her red dress to a sizzle. She spun and was dipped by an imaginary partner. Her face was illuminated for a moment, but her expression only held pure sadness. The dance continued after a few heartbeats. Instead of warming up with her activity, the room grew increasingly cold. The shadows started crawling up her legs like an eager lover even while she was in her haven of light. All the while, the dancer never ceased her solo duet. The sounds of her shoes clacking against the hard floor soon came to a stop even though her feet never stopped moving to the silent beat of a foxtrot. Moonlight was being pushed away from the scene by the greedy darkness. Before the moonlight could completely disappear, the shadows stole enough light to form into a suitable partner for the dancer. The new partner grasped the woman close but the woman didn’t react to the shadow. As the dance went on, the woman was becoming much less energetic than how she started. Tears started to make their way down her beautiful face as she stared into the darkness and forced her heavy feet to continue her dance. No light entered even though it was midday. No sound entered even though children played right outside. There was nothing left for her to see or hear, so she did neither. She dropped to the ground, not from physical fatigue, but from mental fatigue. Only now did she cling to her shadowy partner as he tried to leave her. Light slowly started to make its way back into her heart as she sat there desperate not to let go. Sounds flooded into her mind and she heard the children’s laughter along with her own sobbing. Light continued to fall in like a waterfall, leaving only the shadowy partner to be untouched by the warmth. The shadow and its partner stared into each other’s eyes, into their very beings. As her grip started to loosen on her partner’s wrist, the light started to consume the darkness that was formerly her partner, leaving a human figure in its wake. They continued to stare at each other as her hand fell beside her knees. Light continued to pour over the man until all that was discernible of him was his shape. The woman looked to her partner with a mixture of sadness and fondness. It was time for the curtain to close on their time together. Her understanding severed his last tie to the living world. The light, having been patient during the stare, finally had approval to take her partner away. As the light dissolved her partner, the room around her also disappeared. In its place, a small room with bed made for two came into focus. Next to the bed was a table that had a picture frame on it. The picture showed two lovers staring deeply into each other’s eyes.


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